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How ReactJS, an open-source JavaScript library can build the best infrastructure for your brand?

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Satya Verma

December 29 2020

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is a front-end JavaScript library that is used for building the UI for e.g. building the front-end of a website or web-app. ReactJS was first created by Jordan Walke, an engineer at Facebook.

ReactJS was released on May 29, 2013, by Facebook, it is maintained by the same company and other developers.

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Why ReactJS?

Usability: React uses re-usable components to build which lets you write code in a go and use it multiple times at various places, for example, let’s say your application needs to show multiple cards on the page. React’s reusable components come into play. It doesn’t need to have cards created each and every time rather it can help us to create a single card component and use it wherever required in your application. You can pass dynamic data to the component so that it can be used which leads to writing the component once and using it everywhere with dynamic contents in it. Web App Development Company integrates it efficiently to deliver solid results and compete in the IT sector. 

Learning curve: Web Application Development Company comes in the bandwidth that engineers amazing solutions. The similar most popular frameworks and libraries that are always remembered and can help us achieve what we want to do with react are Angular and Vue.js. So, currently, we would be comparing the learning curve with the task achieved by using this framework and libraries. Angular is the biggest of all three and also it has the steepest learning curve. Although it’s a bit harder than React and Vue, it provides solutions to a lot of functionalities as state management, routing, and form validation are inbuilt in angular.

ReactJS brings all the qualities that are received from Web Application Development Services. 

As of react, it’s completely UI based, seems like Facebook created to react to just get a stronger hold on UI. One can use it with other external libraries to fulfill the needs of the application. There is a large number of libraries that can be integrated into reacting. Compared to Angular, it’s easier to learn and handle big projects and definitely react combined with other libraries is an extremely powerful tool.

Popularity: Angular’s GitHub repository has 68.9k stars as of now while react has 161k stars and Vue has 177k stars which definitely tells us Vue is rising up. But the stars don’t mean that one is better than the other. Learning angular makes you understand everything from the core about the front-end. ReactJS is quite popular these days.

Features of ReactJS


JSX: One of the most important features of react is JSX and it stands for JavaScript XML. It allows us to write the HTML in react by using JavaScript, which means no separate coding for UI and Logic. JavaScript Syntax has the capability to balance without causing any hindrances. Web App Development Company like Electrum IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. integrates certain features to make sure that clients have an enhanced company. 

The Virtual Dom: It is the most powerful feature of react. If you have ever built a webpage, you might be aware of DOM (Document Object Model). It creates a tree structure based on the XML or HTML elements. The DOM is language-independent while the virtual DOM is a feature of react. When we run our application, the virtual DOM is built which basically looks like DOM and the virtual DOM keeps checking for the differences in virtual and actual DOM. It creates or change the part of actual DOM which is changed or added in virtual DOM. This feature can only be added by an efficient Web Application Development Company. 

One-way Data-Flow: In react, data can be passed from the parent component to the child component as props but it cannot be sent from child to parent. If you need to do the same you can do it via call-back functions but not as component props. Props are basically any data that can be sent to the child component by the parent component as a property.

Lifecycle Methods: This is one of the core features of react. Every component in react has its own lifecycle. There are different lifecycle methods for each component such as:

1. ComponentDidMount: After the initial components are rendered, implementation of this method in your component works and react calls for the same.

2. ComponentDidUpdate: The action takes place as soon as the component re-renders after the first render.

3. ComponentWillUnmount: The calling takes place when component is about to be destroyed.

There are many other lifecycle methods which you can read about from official react docs.

Hooks: February 2019’s version 16.8.0., there are two types of component in react namely stateful and stateless components. Earlier when hooks were not introduced, we were able to use lifecycle methods in only stateful components, also this holds the state of the component but the functional (or stateless) components cannot. But after hooks came into existence, we can now do that in stateless components as well by using hooks.


Angular, React and Vue have their own place and importance. Taking into consideration the learning curve and the results which are achieved; community support and big company’s backup helps react to definitely stand out. Switching off one to other is simple for experts. It should be considered whether we need React or any other library to build your website. If the project isn’t big and don’t have a lot of stuff to manage on your website then using any library is just useless. In the opposite case, React can definitely be a choice for your UI as it renders in a snappy manner. React would be a great choice for SPA. SPA or Single Page Applications are websites or applications that re-writes the new data on the single page instead of opening an entire new web page.


To know more, contact us. Our specialist can reach you for further discussion.

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